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Statement by Zoran Pasalic on International Day for the Support of Torture Victims

Protector of Citizens stated that there is no systemic torture in Serbia


National Human Rights Strategy of Uzbekistan has been approved

International human rights standards have been used as benchmark for national legislation and measures are being taken for their continuous improvement.


European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) presented a report on rule of law in Europe in 2020

It brings together National Human Rights Institutions’ perspectives on the situation in their countries, based on their human rights monitoring and reporting functions.



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29 June 2020 09:58

Журнал "Демократизация и права человека" (Узбекистан) №2(86) 2020

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15 June 2020 13:37

Резолюция заседания Евразийского альянса омбудсменов, посвященного 75-летию окончания Второй мировой войны

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14 May 2020 10:23

Заявление Европейского Комитета по социальным правам относительно права на охрану здоровья во время пандемии (рус.)

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29 April 2020 18:19

Обращение Омбудсмана Кыргызстана к членам ЕАО

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Tatiana Moskalkova

High Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia

Umed Bobozda

Уполномоченный по правам человека в Республике Таджикистан

Зоран Пашалич

Защитник граждан Республики Сербия (Омбудсмен)

Oyunchimeg Purev

Acting Chief Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia

HE Judge Hassan Darvishian

Head of the General Inspectorate of Iran (Ombudsman)

Mamytov Tokon Bolotbekovich

Akyikatchy (Ombudsman) of the Kyrgyz Republic

Arman Tatoyan

Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia


On December 5 in Moscow, High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova, Akyikatchy (Ombudsman) of the Kyrgyz Republic Kubatbek Otorbaev, Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia Arman Tatoyan, and President of General Inspection Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran Naser Seraj signed a Memorandum on the establishment of Eurasian Ombudsman Alliance.
The Memorandum is open for signature by any Ombudsman of any State in the Eurasian region. The Eurasian Ombudsman Alliance is the first human rights union in history that unites the efforts of state human rights defenders of Europe and Asia. The alliance guarantees to the Ombudspersons of the Eurasian states a permanent working contact, which will allow to quickly solve problematic issues of citizens of their countries abroad. This association has no political goals and is purely humanitarian-legal in nature.